Dianna Goble -                        BE INSPIRED
      I am a Hairstylist/Artist  
I've always had that artistic edge about me even as a child and the chose of my career is artistic my clients are my canvas, but a few years ago one of my co-workers invited me to go to an oil workshop ,I hesitated at first but my interest was awaken, so I went.
That was one of those, meant to happen moments(weekend). I found myself so intrigued that I was able to produce three great pieces of art and when those pieces sold I was not only awaken but inspired to pursue art.so I pick up another kind of brush and created beautiful things through the power of art.Like my profession,I can please people with art of Hairdressing .I can also create pieces of art that makes people happy.I have taken many workshop since,from some great artist.Martin Grelle, Bruce Green ,JD Keele,Kathryn Uitz,George Hallmart,Kathy Tate any many others,I am so fascinated with all the talent that is out there.I believe that I am a workshop junkie.The knowledge I have gained so far has help me produce my own art work.Even though I haven't found what I shall be known for I will keep painting what inspires me.
My father use to paint when I was young child I can remember being so content watching him, he would just paint out of his head .He now is so proud to see that this has become one of my passions.I have now even produce commissioned pieces of art.I love meeting other artist at workshops and some really good instruction,Like my Hairdressing career you never stop learning new techniques, I believe I will keep growing in my Art and never stop learning, there is so much talent before us that we should keep our heart open threw the gifts that God has given us.
My art is now displayed at:   Canyon of the Eagles(featured artist)
                                         16942 RR 2341 Burnet Tx www.CanyonOfTheEagles.com
                                           Maxican Resturant
                                         3401 S Hwy 281 Burnet Tx
                                           Highland Arts Gallery
 ,                                       318 Marble Falls,Tx
                                          Sierra Ridge Winery
                                        14110 Ridge Rd Sutter Creek ,Ca 95685
                                           GG Stylelab
                                         802 S. Main Burnet Tx www.artbydgoble.com 
Cool News:
I am a published artist,painting awarded 1st place in Burnet Chamber Art Contest
in which I was place on the cover of Magazine and T-shirts

Now available:     Postcards You Send A Friend that they can frame, Beautiful Printed Original Art Work By Dianna Goble,  Book Self Art, For Their Office,Table Art,Be Inspired Not only By the friend that sends a gift and The Beauty of Remembering .
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